Thursday, September 13, 2012

Broken Computer....

The reason I've been so lazy on my posts lately is surprise surprise: my computer screen broke! I was in Managua last weekend to renew my visa (which I couldn't even do because my 3 months aren't up yet!) and the back light on my screen went out. I took it someone in Waslala but they don't have a replacement here. Luckily, Matt and Nora from the WfW board are visiting next month and they are going to bring one down. Until them I'm using this giant monitor in our office in Waslala that looks like it's from the 90's. It's always something here. Anyway, at the end of September when they arrive I hope to upload some photos. A few things coming up that I'm looking forward to telling you about:

Tomorrow is Nicaragua's (as well as all of Central America's) independence day! I'm getting up at the crack of dawn to watch Alex play the drums with a bunch of other kids in the area. It should be really fun.

My birthday is Monday! Can't wait to see what a birthday is like here. We are going to have a small dinner on Saturday night for me at the institute with some friends.

And last but not least I'm really excited to have Matt and Nora here as well as a group of Villanova students in the month of October. I often joke that I won't sleep at all that month, as I will also be taking care of Alex when her Aunt and Grandmother (Tanya and Hacinta) leave for I don't know how long so Tanya can have her baby. I tell Hacinta every day I hope we don't starve because she only cooks with fire. I've been practicing but we will see if I can actually cook dinner with it by myself. I'll keep you all updated!


  1. I'm sorry about what happened to your monitor, Chelsea. :( The most memorable place for me in Nicaragua would be the city of Masaya. My friend and I visited the Volcano National Park. The people who lived nearby told us that its exotic and sometimes eerie ambiance was formed by old eruptions and lava flow. So much for that, belated Happy Birthday, by the way! :)

    Benita Bolland

    1. Unfortunately, I haven't been to Masaya. Hmm...That's quite an interesting name for a town, though. I wish I could see this giant monitor you talked about. Haha!

      Ruby Badcoe